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I am a third year student at the Togliatty State University, Russia. The sphere of my interests can be divided into two parts: IT & WuShu, BaguaZhang.

I have more then 7 years of programming experience. My first language was Pascal. Turbo Pascal turned into Object Pascal and Delphi. Then came self-directed learning of Basic and formal education in the field of C++ & Assembly language at the University...

When I've succeeded to get a desirable (engineer-programmer) job at my University I've also started the development of internal AIES php/mysql project in the small team leaded by experienced developers. During the project I've got in touch with Linux and understood the advantages of using version control system for software development. The project was successfully finished after the year of intensive development. I've got the unique experience and fell in love with web-programming in general and PHP in particular. The project led to my first career promotion, and intensive studying of other web-programming languages: perl and python.

One year ago I’ve started the development of another AIES - University Reports and migrated from Windows to Fedora. Server-side Python/PostgreSQL-based framework used DB for XML-formatted reports and their history. We have chosen XSLT for the browser-side xml2html transformations. My task was to develop UI, xsl stylesheets and client-side framework so I’ve decided to use new and perspective AJAX approach that encapsulates all of this methods. The task was also successfully fulfilled though I haven't stopped project maintenance.

I keep on learning AJAX approach because it is interesting and perspective. AJAX development is a real pleasure to me.