LA2-bot is a bot account operated by User:LA2 (Lars Aronsson, Sweden) on some Wikimedia websites (not meta).


3 December 2021: LA2-bot makes its 1 millionth edit. It has done 432K edits on en.wiktionary (in 2010 and 2011), 212K on sv.wikipedia (2007–2013), 66K on en.wikisource (in 2012), 62K on ru.wiktionary (in 2016), 31K on ru.wikipedia (2007–2010), 30K on tr.wiktionary (in 2021), 19K on no.wikipedia (2007–2014), 18K on da.wikipedia (2007–2011), 13K on cs.wikipedia, 11K on ru.wikisource and 101K on other projects.

October 2021: After some inactive years, LA2-bot starts working again on sv.wiktionary.