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Добро пожаловать в Викиучебник! Я вот на странице обсуждения Вашего учебника оставил свои замечания. Вы тут недавно, поэтому сообщаю о том здесь, на личной странице. Ramir 09:51, 10 мая 2006 (UTC)

Hi Maria

Andrew also suggested that we look at the format he has used for the English Language version of "Rajalla". The table does look easier to read, so I guess its just a matter of whether the students will adapt easily to it. I don't see a need to change what we have already done, unless someone wants to do it as an exercise. I know you have chosen to put this on a link page in your Russian texts. I'm really pleased to see that the version in German has now been started by Ralf and Tobias :). Tom Hauskalainen 09:36, 21 июня 2006 (UTC)