Класс PP::ObjectMixin править

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Методы объекта

pretty_print_cycle, pretty_print_inspect, pretty_print_instance_variables, pretty_print

PP::ObjectMixin#pretty_print править


A default pretty printing method for general objects. It calls #pretty_print_instance_variables to list instance variables. If self has a customized (redefined) #inspect method, the result of self.inspect is used but it obviously has no line break hints. This module provides predefined #pretty_print methods for some of the most commonly used built-in classes for convenience.

PP::ObjectMixin#pretty_print_cycle править


A default pretty printing method for general objects that are detected as part of a cycle.

PP::ObjectMixin#pretty_print_inspect править


Is #inspect implementation using #pretty_print. If you implement #pretty_print, it can be used as follows.

 alias inspect pretty_print_inspect

However, doing this requires that every class that #inspect is called on implement #pretty_print, or a RuntimeError will be raised.

PP::ObjectMixin#pretty_print_instance_variables править


Returns a sorted array of instance variable names. This method should return an array of names of instance variables as symbols or strings as: +[:@a, :@b]+.