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:::: Thanks very much for the noble offer. To me it has seemed, indeed, that without certain connections and introductions, even the founder and all-time manager (me) of a subproject (ru.wikibooks) can’t expect the “responsible people” to help him with anything, even things like sabotage of the site by trolls. I hope this has changed for the better since I last wrote to the Foundation. I, myself, chose to hide the ads instead of translating them, because it seemed reasonable to assume that they are of more interest (monetary and promotional) to the Foundation, than to the Russian Wikibooks. And because they were not translated to the target group’s language (in our case, Russian), it seemed reasonable to assume that even the Foundation does not bother to spend a slightest bit of its time and/or money on translating its advertising material. [[Участник:Ramir|Ramir]] 03:34, 8 января 2008 (UTC)
::: This is comical. An appointed representative (i. e. you) of a corporation (i. e. Wikimedia) is tactlessly suggesting that I (a long-proven, devoted Wiki-education enthusiast with no interest for or against the corporation) am biased. A mongrel mob of clueless, faceless, foreign-speaking door-to-door salesmen have knocked on Russian Wikibooks’ door and, without ceremony, are accusing the housekeeper of being “biased” against their T-shirt manufacturing company. Just you all get out of here, pests. Go do some wiki work: moving and deleting, putting templates, voting — you are much better at that than at marketing or any other form of socially constructive work. As of the hosting company itself, I know enough about them (as I mentioned, from my administrative correspondence with Angela Beasley, Florence Nibart-Devouard and Guillome Paumier) to be disappointed. You are not getting T-shirt orders from me. Nor from the people I drew to the project, I am sure. [[Участник:Ramir|Ramir]] 03:09, 8 января 2008 (UTC)
== Ещё по теме админов Википедии / More on Wikipedia cruds ==
Если занимательно, вот пример политики так называемых «администраторов» Википедии:
For those wishing to know, what kind of individuals (or, perhaps one brainsick individual writing from many accounts) I had the misfortune to encounter here, I present just two links:
* http://lj.rossia.org/users/tiphareth/1021323.html (по-русски / in Russian)
* http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/12/06/wikipedia_and_overstock/ (по-английски / in English)
[[Участник:Ramir|Ramir]] 05:53, 16 января 2008 (UTC)