Обсуждение участника:Ramir: различия между версиями

::Hi. I am chapters coordinator of the Wikimedia Foundation. Whether you like it or not, the website ru.wikibooks.org is a website hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, and as such, a Wikimedia project. What you consider "ads" are an appeal to the visitors of our website to donate to the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs essentially on private donations, from all over the world, to host the project you have the priviledge of working on. I am sorry if you felt this donation banner was an intrusive advertisement. Just know once and for all that as long as the Wikimedia Foundation hosts the project, it will be labelled as a Wikimedia projects. Before you make unbased accusations, you might try and learn a little bit about the projects you are working on, although I must say that it is hard to assume good faith at all coming from you when one sees your participations on meta, which let me think that you have a little more than an idea of what the Wikimedia Foundation is all about. In any case, thank you for keeping both logos at the bottom of the pages. Best, [[Участник:Notafish|Notafish]] 12:32, 7 января 2008 (UTC)
:::Let me add to this, that if you see an untranslated message, that there are ways to get it translated. Actually, everybody prefers that, and it is absolutely no intent to keep everything in English. However, maybe you can imagine that it takes a Russian person to translate this. If you would be willing to volunteer next time to help translate the messages, I am more then willing to introduce you to the responsible people. Thanks, [[Участник:Effeietsanders|Effeietsanders]] 12:37, 7 января 2008 (UTC)