Обсуждение участника:Ramir: различия между версиями

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Your sarcasm does you no credit. What you have here is not simply "the Russian educational community." You have a WikiBooks project using Wikimedia trademarks, hosted by Wikimedia and using Wikimedia (MediaWiki) software. This can only occur with the consent of the Foundation, which takes its direction from the Board and the participating communities (including this one). Your lack of respect for this system argues against your fitness to remain a sysop, and if it so chooses the Foundation can revoke that status from you. [[Участник:Avruch|Avruch]] 01:06, 7 января 2008 (UTC)
: Dear anonymous alleged participant of a mailing list. Your insolent tone leaves place for only one question to you: what doescredits ''you'' credit? [[Участник:Ramir|Ramir]] 02:29, 7 января 2008 (UTC)
: In addition, it has deeply pleased me that some considerate representative of our web hosting company has bothered to translate the advertisement (on “buying merchandise with The Foundation’s logotypes”) into our native Russian language. The Foundation surely is going to earn piles of money on T-shirts and coffee mugs! Our sincere thanks on behalf of the Russian Wikibooks. I may even consider coming back to do active work, and to invite [[Авторы|non-anonymous, academically reputed]] authors back into the project. [[Участник:Ramir|Ramir]] 02:37, 7 января 2008 (UTC)