Ирландский язык/Лексикон/Глаголы

Briathar/Глагол Aistriúchán/Перевод
abair говорить, сказать
achainigh to entreat (to request earnestly)
achoimrigh to recap/recapitulate/summarise
adhair to adore/worship
adharcáil to gore
adhlaic to bury
admhaigh to admit
aeráil to air (as in to air a room)
agair to beg/sue
aibigh to ripen
aicmigh to classify
aifir to rebuke
aimridigh to steralise
aimsigh to hit/locate
ainmnigh to assign/name
airigh to receive/calculate
aisghair to repeal
aisig to restore
aistarraing to retract
aistrigh to change
aisíoc to refund/reimburst/repay
aithin to recognise
áitigh to argue/
áitrigh to inhabit/
aithris to recite
allmhairigh to import
alp to devour/gobble/scoff
anailísigh to analyse
anluchtaigh to overload
análaigh to respire/aspirate/breathe
aontaigh to concour/agree
ardaigh to ascend/elevate/heighten/hoist/lift
aslonnaigh to evacuate
athaimsigh to relocate
athaontaigh to reunite
athbheoigh to resuscitate/revive
athbhreithnigh to review
athbhunaigh to revive?
athchas to rewind(as in a tape)
athcheartaigh to revise
athchomhairligh to discourage
athchóirigh to alter/recondition/refurbish/rennovate/restore(building)/revamp/upgrade(house)
athchúrsáil to recycle
athdhearbhaigh to reassure
athdheisigh to refurbish
athdhéan to redo
atheagraigh to redeploy (resources)
athghair to recall
athghnóthaigh to regain
athlonnaigh to relocate
athlíon to refill/replenish (glass)
athnuaigh to rejuvenate/renew
athobair to ?
athoil to retrain (worker)
athphlandáil to transplant
athraigh to alter/change/vary
athroinn to redeploy
athscag to refine
athsheol to redirect (mail)
athsholáthair to replace??
athshreangaigh to rewire
atosaigh to renew/resume
atreoraigh to divert
atáirg to reproduce
atóg to reconstruct (building)
babhtáil to barter
bac to hinder/impede/thwart
bagair to threaten
bailigh to assemble/collect/gather
bain to harvest/mow/reap/dig up (potatoes)
baist to baptise/christen
barrloisc to singe
basc to mangle/maul
batráil to batter
bealaigh to grease/lubricate
beannaigh to bless
bearnaigh to breach
bearr to prune/shave
beartaigh to contrive/scheme/wield (sword)
beir рождать/хватать/ловить
beirigh to boil
beoigh to liven-up
bioraigh to sharpen
bladair to cajole
bodhraigh to deafen
bog to budge/manouver/relax(muscle)/soften
bolg to distend(physiology)/bloat(agriculture)
borr to surge
braith to betray/notice/percieve/detect/size-up/sound-out
breithnigh to evaluate(factor)
breoigh to glow
bris to break/fail(candidate)/overthrow/bring-down(government)/shatter - more
broid to goad/nudge/prod
bronn to donate
brostaigh to hasten/precipitate
bruith to bake
bréag to lie/delude
bréagnaigh to belie/contradict/disprove/rebut
bróidnigh to embroider
brúigh to hustle/mash/shove
buaigh to win
buail to flap/hit/knock/lick/thresh(agriculture)/toll(bell)
buain to reap
buair to annoy
bunaigh to establish/found/institute
bácáil to bake
báigh to drench/drown/plunge/sink(ship)/soak/swamp
bánaigh to bleach(linen)/evacuate(place)
cabhraigh to assist
cailg to bite
caill to forfeit(lose)/miss/shed
cairt to thaw??
cairtfhostaigh to charter(plane)
caith to cast(throw)/check(throw)/expend/fling/flip/hurl/toss/throw/wear
can to speak
canbhasáil to canvass
caoch to daze/overwhelming(victory vi)/resounding(victory vi)
caoin to cry (vi)/mourne (vi)/weep(vi)
caolaigh to dilute/constrict
caomhnaigh to conserve/preserve(keep safe)
carn to accumulate
cas to twirl
ceadaigh to allow/approve/let(practise/claim/goal)
cealaigh to annul/cancel/delete
cealg to deceieve
ceangail to bind/fasten/hitch/teather
ceannaigh to buy/purchase
ceap to appoint/designate(to office)/devise
ceartaigh to adjust(clock/scales/compass)/rectify(error)/rebuke/redress
ceiliúir to celebrate(vi)/vanish
ceistigh to interrogate/query/question/quiz
ciallaigh to interpret
ciap to annoy/besiege/harass/hound/plague/tease
ciceáil to kick
cigil to tickle
cinntigh to assure/confirm/ensure
cionroinn to allocate/distribute
ciorclaigh to encircle
ciorraigh to hack/maim/mangle
ciúnaigh to becalm/hush/quell/sooth
clamhair to maul
claochlaigh to transform
claon to incline/perverse/tilt/veer
cleacht to ply(a trade)/rehearse
clip to ?
clis to conk-out
clois слышать/подслушивать
cloígh to overpower/digest/overwhelm(enemy)/repress/subdue/sap
cluimhrigh to preen
cluin to hear/overhear
clutharaigh to muffle
cláraigh to enroll
clóigh to overpower/digest/overwhelm(enemy)/repress/subdue/sap
clúdaigh to cover
cnag to bash/crunch/knock/snap(sound)
cnaígh to gnaw
cneasaigh to heal
cniotáil to knit
codail to sleep(vi)
cogain to chew(vi)
coigeartaigh to update
coigil to economise/save
coigistigh to confiscate
coill to castrate/geld/spay
coilínigh to colonize
coimeád to hold/keep/maintain/
coimhéad to observe
coimrigh to sum-up
cóineartaigh to ?
coinnigh to hold/retain/preserve/detain/keep/
coinsínigh to consign
coip to ferment/whip(as in whisk)
coir to ?
coisc to deter/obstruct(block)/preclude/prevent/prohibit/stave-off(attack)
coisric to bless
comhaill to fulfil
comhair to count/reckon
comhairligh to advise
comharthaigh to denote/suggest
comhbhailigh to aggregate
comhbhrúigh to compress
comhdhearbhaigh to ?
comhdhlúthaigh to consense
comhfhadaigh to justify(computing)
comhfhortaigh to ?
comhfhreagair to correspond
comhlíon to discharge/fulfil/oberve/perform(duties)/serve
comhordaigh to coordinate
comhréitigh to consilate/harmonise(of texts)
comhtharlaigh to coincide
comhtháthaigh to integrate
conlaigh to glean
corn to bale/wrap-up
corpraigh to incorporate
corraigh to agitate/affect/budge/disturb/excite/stir(vi)
cosain to defend/protect/safeguard
coscair to hack/thaw
cothromaigh to equalize(sport)
crap to crumple/shrink(vi)
creach to loot/pillage/plunder/ransack/rifle
creid to believe
creim to corrode/erode/thaw
creimseáil to nibble
criathraigh to riddle/sift
croch to hang/suspend
croith to shake/sprinkle/wag/waggle
crom to croutch/droop/stoop
cros to ban/prohibit/veto
croscheistigh to cross-examine(law)
cruaigh to hardened/toughened
cruinnigh to gather
cruthaigh to create/establish/prove
cráigh to bother/harass/pester/annoy
créam to cremate
críochnaigh to accomplish/conclude/finish-off
cuardaigh to frisk/prospect/search
cuidigh to cuidigh
cuimhnigh to remember
cuimil to fondle/rub/stroke/wipe
cuimsigh to comprehend/include
cuir to put
cum to compose/form/invent/limit
cumaisc to merge/mix
cumhdaigh to protect/uphold(law)
cuntais to count/reckon
cáiligh to qualify
cáin to condemn/criticize/fine/levy/penalize/slam/tax
céas to crucify/hound/persecute/torture
cíor to comb/scour(search)
cócaráil to cook
cóimeáil to assemble
cóineartaigh to ?
cóirigh to mend/overhaul/rig/straighten
cónaigh to cónaigh
cúbláil to defraud/misappropriate
cúigeáil to embezzle
cúisigh to accuse
cúitigh to compensate
cúngaigh to create/establish/prove
cúrsáil to cruise
daingnigh to fortify/strengthen
dall to blind/darken/dazzle/mesmerize
dallraigh to dazzle
damnaigh to damn
dathaigh to paint
deachtaigh to dictate
dealaigh to subtract
dearbhaigh to assert/assure/declare
dearc to consider/look
dearg to blush/kindle/redden/
deifrigh to hasten/hurry
deighil to divide
deimhnigh to check/verify
deisigh to fix
deonaigh to accord/condescend/grant
dianscaoil to break/decompose/
diasraigh to glean
diomail to dissipate/squander
diúraic to brandish/cast/project/shoot
doimhnigh to deepen
dorchaigh to darken/
dramhail to ?
dreasaigh to incite
driog to distil
droimscríobh to endorse/
druid to shut/
dubhaigh to blacken/
dáil to distribute
déan делать/создавать/
dí-armáil to disarm
dí-oighrigh to de-ice
díbholg to deflate/
díbir to banish/
dícheangail to detach/
dícheann to behead/
díchoimisiúnaigh to decommission
díchorn to unwind/
díchreid to ?
díchum to distort/
dícháiligh to disqualify/
díchóimeáil to dismantle/
dífhabhtaigh to debug/
díghalraigh to disinfect/
díleáigh to digest/
díluacháil to devalue/
díluchtaigh to unload/
dílódáil to unload/
dínáisiúnaigh to denationalize/
díol to sell/
díothaigh to abolish/annihilate/eradicate/exterminate/obliterate/
díphacáil to unpack/
díreoigh to defrost/
dírigh to straighten/unbend/
díscaoil to disintegrate/dissolve/
díshealbhaigh to evict/
díshioc to defrost/
díthruailligh to decontaminate/
diúraic to branish/cast/project/shoot
dóigh to burn/
dúisigh to awake/
dún to close/
eadóirsigh to naturalize/
éadromaigh to lighten/
eagraigh to organize/
easpórtáil to export/
éalaigh to escape/
éiligh to claim/demand/request/
éirigh to rise/
eiseachaid to extradite/
éist to listen/
eitil to fly/
fadaigh to kindle/lengthen/prolong/
faigh получать/достигать/находить
fair to watch/
fairsingigh to broaden/expand/widen/
fan to wait/
faobhraigh to sharpen/
feabhsaigh to improve/recuperate/
feall to betray/fail/
feic видеть
feidhmigh to enforce/
feistigh to tie up (boat)/trim(with)
feoigh to decay
fiach to chase/hunt
fiafraigh to ask
fiar to slant/swerve/tilt/veer/
figh to weave/
fill to recur/
fionn to ascertain/discover/
fiosraigh to inquire/investigate/
fiuch to boil/
fliuch to drench/moisten/wet/
foghlaim to learn/
foilsigh to disclose/publish/reveal/
folaigh to conceal/
folc to bathe/
folig to sublet/
folmhaigh to discharge/unpack/
forbair to answer/
formhéadaigh to magnify/
forshuigh to superimpose/
fortaigh to relieve/
fostaigh to employ/engage/hire/
freagair to answer/
freastail to attend/
frithchaith to reflect/
fuadaigh to hijack/kidnap/snatch/
fuaigh to sew/
fuaimnigh to pronounce/
fuascail to deliver/
fuathaigh to hate/
fuin to knead/
fulaing to suffer/
fág to leave/
fáiltigh to receive/rejoice
fáisc to tighten/wring
fálaigh to enclose
fás to grow
féach to look/
fíoraigh to verify/
fógair to announce/
fóir to watch
gabh to take/
gaibhnigh to preen/
gair to acclaim/exclaim/roar
galraigh to infect/
galstobh to braise
geal to brighten/
geall to bet/promise/
gearr to cut/shorten/snip/
gin to conceive/generate
giorraigh to curtail/shorten
giortaigh to shrink/
glac to take/
glan to clean/
glaoigh to call/
gloinigh to glaze/
glám to clutch/grab/
gléas to adjust/
glónraigh to glaze
gnáthaigh to haunt
gníomhachtaigh to activate
gníomhaigh to activate/perform/act
gnóthaigh to earn
gob to peck/
goid to steal/
goil to weep/
gor to hatch/
gortaigh to hurt/
gread to batter/swish/wallop/
greamaigh to fasten
grean to engrave/grit
greasáil to nibble/
grinnléigh to peruse
griog to annoy/excite/incite/irritate/rile/tease/
griosaigh to fire/incite/stimulate/
gráinigh to hate/
gráinseáil to nibble/
gríosc to broil
grúdaigh to brew
guailleáil to jostle/shoulder
gualaigh to char(burn)
géaraigh to aggravate/
géill to capitulate/give/submit/surrender
hiopnóisigh to hypnotize/
iarr to ask
imigh to go
imir to play/
impigh to beg
imscaoil to decipher/
imtheorannaigh to intern/
inbhéartaigh to invert/
infheistigh to invest
inis to tell
iniúch to audit/inspect/
insealbhaigh to install/
insligh to beg/
insteall to inject/
íoc to contribute/remit(money)
iolraigh to multiply/
iomlánaigh to integrate/
iompaigh to turn/
iompair to carry
iompórtáil to import/
ionchorpraigh to incorporate/
ionchúisigh to prosecute/
ionfhabhtaigh to infect/
ionramháil to maneuvre/manipulate/
ionsaigh to attack/
ionsúigh to absorb/
íoslaghdaigh to minimise
íoslódáil to download
íosmhéadaigh to minimise(reduce)
ith есть/кушать
lagaigh to dilute/weaken/
laghdhdaigh to decrease/diminish/dwindle/lessen/lighten/reduce/
lamháil to allow/
lansaigh to lance/
las to light/
lasc to flog/lash/whip/
leachtaigh to liquidize/
leadair to whack/
leag to knock/
lean to follow/
leasaigh to amend/reform/season/undo/update/
leath to diminish/divide/
leathnaigh to broaden/expand/extend/widen/
leigheas to cure/heal/remedy/undo/
leithlisigh to to seperate out?
leomh to allow/dare/
leáigh to melt/
lig to allow/release/
ligh to lick
liostaigh to itemize/list/
liostáil to enlist/
lobh to decay/decompose/fester/rot/
loc to enclose/pluck/
lochtaigh to criticize/
loit to destroy/
lom to mow/scuff/shear/
lonnaigh to settle
lorg to trace
luacháil to evaluate/
luaigh to mention
luathaigh to accelerate/
luchtaigh to charge/fill/load/fill/
luigh to lie(rest)/settle(dust)/to comply with(luigh le)?
láidrigh to toughen/
láimhsigh to manipulate/
láraigh to centralize/
léas to flog/trash?
léigh to read/
léim to jump/
léirigh to demonstrate/depict/elucidate/illustrate/indicate/portray/
léirsigh to demonstrate/
líomhain to allege/
líon to fill/fill/
lódáil to load/
lúb to loop/
machnaigh to meditate/muse/
maidhm to burst/detonate/
mair to live/remain/survive/
maisigh to decorate/
maistrigh to churn(agriculture)
maith to forgive/pardon/
malartaigh to barter/
mallaigh to damn/
maolaigh to abate/allay/alleviate/deaden/modify/qualify/reduce/relieve/slacken/soothe/
maothaigh to moisten/soak/soften/
maraigh to kill/slay/
maslaigh to blaspheme/snub/
maígh to boast/
meabhraigh to meditate/memorize/ponder/
meall to coax/deceive/delude/disappoint/entice/tempt/woo/
mearaigh to baffle/confound/mystify/perplex/
meas to consider/
measc to mix/
meidhrigh to confuse/frisk/
meil to fritter/grind/
meáigh to weigh
mill to blight/destroy/devastate/mar/spoil/
milsigh to sweeten/
mionaigh to crumble/mince/
mionbhrúigh to crumble
mionscrúdaigh to scan/sift/scan/
modhnaigh to modify/
moilligh to delay/linger/
mol to praise/
monaraigh to manufacture/
morg to decompose
muirnigh to cherish/cuddle/fondle/
mungail to munch
méadaigh to increase/
méaraigh to baffle/confound/mystify/perplex/
mínigh to explain
múch to asphyxiate/extinguish/muffle/smother/stifle/suffocate/
múin to teach/
múscail to awake
nasc to bind/connect/link/
neadaigh to embed/nest/nestle/
neartaigh to strengthen/
neodraigh to neutralize/
nigh to wash/
nuachóirigh to modernize/
náisiúnaigh to nationalize
nódaigh to transplant/
obair to work
oighrigh to congeal/freeze
oil to educate
oirnigh to congeal/freeze
ól to drink/
ollchóirigh to overhaul/
onnmhairigh to export
onóraigh to honor/honour
ordaigh to order/
ornáidigh to embellish/
oscail to open/
pacáil to pack
pearsanaigh to impersonate
pioc to pluck/preen/
piólótaigh to navigate
plac to bang/eat/gobble/slam/slam/
plac to bang/eat/gobble/slam/slam/
pléadáil to pack
pléasc to bang/burst/erupt/explode/
plúch to asphyxiate/smother/stifle/suffocate/
poibligh to advise
poll to bore/penetrate/perforate/pierce/puncture/
poncloisc to cauterize
potbhiathaigh to spoon-feed
prioc to pluck/preen/
promh to prove
pábháil to pack
póraigh to breed
pós to marry/wed
radaigh to radiate
ramhraigh to fatten/thicken
rangaigh to classify
ransaigh to forage/ransack
reoigh to freeze
riar to administer/dispense/distribute/manage/mete/provision
righ to control/stretch
rith to run
robáil to rob
roghnaigh to pick/select
roinn to divide
rois to unravel/
rop to dash/stab/
rothlaigh to rotate/slew/slue/twirl
ruadhóigh to scorch
ruaig to harden?
ruathair to raid/foray/scramble(rush)/swoop(by police)
rácáil to rake (as in leaves)?
réal to develop
réamhaithris to foretell/predict
réamhcheannaigh to preempt
réamhdhátaigh to backdate
réasúnaigh to rationalize
réitigh to adjust/arrange/clear/elucidate/level/smooth/solve/
ríomh to calculate/count/reckon
ríomhairigh to computerize
rómhair to dig
rúisc to poke
sábh to saw
sábháil to save
sádráil to exceed/violate (as in history)/outclass(as in sport)/lots more
sáigh to stab
sáinnigh to beset/hem
sáraigh to solder?
sásaigh to satisfy
sac to tuck
saibhrigh to enrich
saibhseáil to ?
saighid to incite/provoke
sainaithin to identify
sainigh to define
sainmhínmhínigh to define
samhlaigh to envisage/imagine/suppose/visualize
sann to assign
santaigh to covet
saobh to distort/pervert/warp
saor to emancipate/free
saothraigh to cultivate/farm/make/till
scag to filter/refine/sift
scaip to scatter
scaird to gush/jet/pour/spatter/spray/spurt/
scairt to shout
scall to poach/scald
scan to scan
scanraigh to appal/frighten/overawe/scare/terrify
scaoil to release/
scar to detach/diverge/unfold/
sceimhligh to terrify
sceith to divulge/overflow/spawn/spew
scil to divulge/shell/
scimeáil to enlist/enlist
scimeáil to enlist/enlist/
sciob to snatch
scioll to scold/
sciorr to skid
scoir to adjourn/detach/disband/disconnect
scoith to wean
scor to slash
scrabh to scrape
scrios to erase
scrábáil to scrawl/scribble/squiggle
scréach to screech/
scríobh to write
scrúdaigh to examine
seachaid to deliver
sealbhaigh to possess
séan to deny/disown(son)/outgrow(cloths)/repudiate/renounce
séid to blow/inflate
searbhaigh to embitter
searg to shrivel/wilt/wither
seas to stand
seiceáil to check/test
seiftigh to improvise
seilg to hunt/prey
seinn to sound/perform/play(all of music)
seol to dispatch/remit/sail/send
sioc to congeal/freeze/frost
siortaigh to forage
siúntaigh to shunt (as in rail)
slad to destroy/devastate/loot/pillage/plunder
sleamhnaigh to glide/slide/slither
slog to engulf/swallow/swig/
slánaigh to redeem
slíoc to pat/pet/
smachtaigh to control/dominate/restrain
smaoinigh to think
smeadráil to smear/smear
smear to grease/smear/smear/
smiot to swat
smol to blight
smuigleáil to smuggle
smálaigh to blot/blur/tarnish
smúr to sniff
snaidhm to knit/knot
snoigh to carve
snámh to swim
socraigh to settle
soilsigh to enlighten/illuminate/shine
soiléirigh to elucidate
soláthair to gather/procure/provide/supply
sonraigh to distinguish/perceive/remark
spall to spall (small chip of fragment)
spalp to shrivel?
spoch to castrate
spreag to urge
spáráil to spare
spíon to exhaust
spól to carve
srac to drag/extort/strive
sraon to deflect
sreangaigh to wire
srian to curb/restrain
sroich to arrive/reach
sruthlaigh to rinse
stad to stop
steall to dash/spatter/squirt
steiriligh to sterilize
stiúir to manage/navigate/steer
stoith to extract/uproot
streachail to dissipate/squander
stócáil to stoke
suaimhnigh to placate/quieten
suaith to massage/shuffle
suigh to sit
suiteáil to install
síl to seep/trickle
síolraigh to breed/
sóinseáil to change
súigh to sit
tabhaigh to deserve
tabhair (от)давать/приносить/приводить
tacht to choke/strangle/throttle
tairngir to foretell/prophesy
taiscéal to explore/reconnoiter/reconnoitre/
taispeáin to show
taithigh to haunt
tanaigh to dilute
taom to teem
tar приходить/входить
tarchuir to transmit
tarlaigh to happen/occur
tarraing to pull
tarrtháil to rescue/retrieve/salvage
tarscaoil to waive
teagasc to instruct
teann to tighten
teasc to amputate/sever
teasdíon to insulate
teilg to fling/hurl
teimhligh to darken/stain/tarnish
teorannaigh to limit/restrict
timpeallaigh to surround
tiomnaigh to bequeath/dedicate
tiomsaigh to compile
tiomáin to drive
tionlaic to accompany
tionscain to begin/institute
tiontaigh to capsize/convert/invert/turn
tionóil to assemble
tirimghlan to dry-clean
tit to fall
tiubhaigh to thicken
tochail to dig
togair to choose
togh to cull/elect/select
toghair to call
toll to bore/hollow
tomhais to measure/weigh
tosaigh to start
traoch to exhaust
trasnaigh to heckle/interrupt/intersect
treascair to annihilate/flatten/overwhelm/topple/mow down/strike down/wipe out
treisigh to reinforce
treáigh to digest
truailligh to contaminate/doctor/pollute
tréig to abandon/desert/fade/forsake/jilt
tuairteáil to collide/smash
tuar to forecast/foresee/foreshadow/predict
tuaslaig to dissolve
tuig to comprehend/realize/understand
tuill to deserve/earn
tuirling to descend
tum to submerge
táblaigh to tabulate
táthaigh to bind/solder/unite/weld
téacht свертывать(ся)/замерзать/засты(ва)ть
téigh идти/двигаться
tóg брать
tóraigh преследовать
uchtaigh принимать/усыновлять
uimhrigh нумеровать
uirísligh понижать/унижать
uiscigh орошать
ullmhaigh готовить
úraigh освежать
urchoill запрещать/замедлять/подавлять
vacsaínigh вакцинировать



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